Friday, March 28, 2014

This sums up my season of life right now...

I want to blog so bad!! I just can't find the time. I can't find the time to do anything!! I don't have time to work out. I don't have time to cook. I don't have time to clean. I don't have time to even shower. But the twins are much easier emotionally, just physically so much busier!! It's so hard keeping up with both of them! But we love love them tons!! :) ♥

Thursday, December 19, 2013

{6 month photo shoot}


{He wouldn't stay on his belly long enough to get a picture! He just kept rolling over!}

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

6 months {June}

At the boys 6 month check up they were:
Ezra: 14 lb 3 oz - 25 inches (Finally made it into the 4%)
Rigdon: 18 lb 4 oz - 26 3/4 inches (60%!!)
They have stayed about 4 pounds different since they were about 2 months old.
*Big Rig sleeping with his Daddy :)
*Cool Ezzy Boy
E & R
They LOVED "driving" with Dad for the first time ;)
I think they just loved being out of their car seats just as much!
*And we decided Rigdon looks like Jack Jack :)
{But what baby doesn't!? Ha! Well maybe just Ezra!}
*And the boys started giving the BEST kisses!
Yum! We would get smothered!
Rigdon pulling Trulie in for a big wet one!
*We took the big kids to go see the Piano Guys. Dad watches them on YouTube all the time. He really enjoys their music. So the kids have learned to love it too. They ask us to turn it on all the time. Especially Jarvis! He loves the star wars one! All summer we stayed indoors mostly taking care of the babies. We didn't do any vacations. So this was our one special summer treat :) They absolutely LOVED it!
*We noticed Branson's feet have outgrown mine. And I have big feet. So weird! He is so close to being taller than me!
*Trulie taking care of Ezra...I just happened to see the sign and was wondering what was going on...Trulie loves the babies!

*The girls made some silly glasses for Ezra out of their bendaroos :)
My guess is that he probably will need glasses someday.
I remember going to an eye appointment for both of them when they were still tiny, about 6 weeks old. The doctors said babies that are born under 3 pounds have about a 50% chance of having eye problems that can lead to blindness. It was a hard thing to watch as they clamped both eyes open for the exam! Both babies exams went great and they didn't see any problems! We have been so extremely blessed! Every scare we have had has turned out to be just fine. Their hearts, kidneys, lungs, chromosomes, eyes & ears...everything is just perfect. When we were in the waiting room there were several sets of twins about 2-4 years old, that weren't fine. They obviously were preemies and had several problems. One set still had breathing tubes. Another set were both blind. And another set was downsyndrome. I sat there with both of my babies and just cried looking at them and their tiny bodies and realizing how our prayers have been answered and how real the priesthood power truly is. I am forever grateful to my Heavenly Father who heard the yearnings and pleadings of my heart and brought these 2 very special infants into our family. 
He used to make this silly face all the time with his lip sucked in!
*In June, Sherry had her very sweet baby girl Lucy Mae.
Her middle name is sort of named after me...Mae...May...Amy...see it? Haha! But really she is :)
Sherry's husband was/is living & working away from home so I thought it would be fun to have her kids stay at my house for a couple weeks so she could enjoy her time with just her baby girl.
Ezra * Rigdon * Lucy
That made 10 kids in my little home.
But they were super helpful.
All the kids would take turns helping feed the boys.
Rigdon & Elly
Rigdon & Shyann
 I signed them all up for swimming lessons and we spent most of the 2 weeks swimming.
Rigdon and Ezra hung out in the stroller and I would squirt them with a water bottle to cool down.
They LOVE to be outside but it was like 115 degrees so I had to try to keep them cool.
Reed & Emma
Trulie & Shyann
Jake & Jarvis
This swimming trip at Grandma Hall's house ended with some blood just a few minutes after this picture.
Jarvis decided to jump off the deck and spin around and came down crashing his chin on the deck.
It split wide open. I didn't see it happen. When he was telling the story he would grab his head with both hands and said he just went "BANG on the sidewalk." I can't even imagine what that would feel like! Poor boy ended up in stitches...again.
* Trulie * Shyann * Elly
Jarvis did awesome this year! He is a real swimmer now! It's awesome!
Branson is so strong and fast. He has improved his strokes so much too.
Trulie is such a cutie. Even the teachers giggle when she swims. She's so tiny but so fast and just glides through the water. They are always amazed.
And Shyann is such a pretty swimmer & diver. I kept trying to talk her into doing a diving class. She said maybe next year.
Reed ended with some bruises too :(
It was pretty tricky squeezing all 10 kids in my car and Tyler was at work most of the time so they all had to be really independent because my time was mostly spent on the babies. It was busy but they all get along well and we all had a great time! I want to make this a summer tradition!
I didn't dare get on pinterest for some fun kids activities but we came up with some fun & simple & cheap ideas to keep us busy.
*I put some bling strands in the girls hair.
*We found this cool way to draw and make it look 3D.

*I made this simple game for the girls to play. It was tons of fun! The girls are getting so big and beautiful! They were so hyper and hilarious!

*We had to eat some yogurt for our next activity which was probably the favorite...
With just a tied & cut balloon over half a yogurt cup!
It was awesome :)
*We also made some monster glitter slime!
* My 2 cute little slimy monsters :)
*We made some of our own suckers too by crushing candy and re-melting it in the shape we wanted.

*We made balloon snakes with a cut water bottle, a piece of cloth, rubber band and dish soap.

*We made cookies that look like eagles.

*We also made our own homemade sidewalk chalk paint.

*Notice it says "Amy you rock! You are the best Aunt!" :)
The kids liked it but started to get bored so they painted each other :)
*Elly & Emma *Shyann & Trulie
Then I think their very favorite was simply running through the sprinklers after that!
I couldn't believe how much they loved that!
*Notice the spots in the grass?? Apparently you shouldn't use dish soap from bubble snakes in the grass. Oops.

And we attempted baking soda bag bombs but they kind of failed.
*We made our own chalk boards out of black construction paper and elmers glue.

* And we made some cute little alligator and shark toys.

*And we ended our fun with some pop-its and donuts!

* Grandma Smith would come over and help during the craziness :)
*Rigdon started sitting up before Ezra.
Ezra wasn't so sure about that :)
R & E